I often sit watching the behavior of my girls in the main pen, jumping to conclusions, and many times getting them wrong and I am sure that they do the same when they observe the strange large creature that they live with. I suspect that their conclusions about me are far more accurate than mine about them. From their point of view I do have at least one saving grace in that I am pretty good and foraging for food for them so they tolerate me but does my own behavior give them a good laugh. I suspect it does and if a pack of guinea pigs can stop at least one human being from taking itself too seriously then I’ll settle for that!




Old bossy boot has gone

(6th September 2005)



Our Christmas Message

(Christmas 2004)


Iggy’s Removal

(25th October 2004)



(9th February 2004)


The Wee Ones!

(1st October 2003)


It’s Hols Time!

(18th August 2003)


It’s all been happening!

(8th June 2003)


New Arrivals!

(8th June 2003)


The man is mad!

(2nd April 2003


Keep our man Working

(24th March 2003)


They’ll be some changes made!

(21st February 2003)


Very Sad.

(13th February 2003)


Big Heads!

(30th January 2003)



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