We have two new girls in the pen. One, Butterscotch is a gentle old lady cream that is about four and a half years old. The other is a nine-week-old, slipperty-giberty, tri colour coronet that he has named Emma, after one of his favourite nursing sisters at GOSH.


Himself has been trying to get a coronet for a long time and he is like putty in her paws. Needless to say, she is a right little madam who is not at all respectful to her seniors and no matter how many times we try and head butt her into place, she reckons she’s as good as Us. The cheek of it! We don’t know what the younger generation is coming to and we all blame the parents.


Butterscotch, who has a dodgy right forepaw and walks with a bit of a limp, is always well behaved and a perfect lady. Himself is also rather smitten with her, for she reminds him of his first pair of cream boars, Simon and Garfunkel.


Both have already been taken hospital visiting and according to himself, they were both much hugged and made a fuss off. The thing that is really going to really go to the head of Emma is that himself intends to write a book about her life. If she carries on like she has begun then it will be a short one if we have our way.

He is always going on about not writing Alex’s life story. He was a tri colour boar that started hospital visiting when he was three weeks old and carried on each week until he died when he was about five years old.



Nothing else notable has happened recently unless you call himself having one of his teeth fall out. He has to get it stuck in again by his dentist. Humans are so silly for it is so much easier when you grow your own like sensible guinea pigs do. All in all, we think we are a far superior species, we have our own human servants, don’t have to go to work and hey, we only have to have a bath about once a month. We wouldn’t like to get within a mile of any human who had gone that long with out a dip in the tub, yucky, yucky!


All for now. We will keep you posted about Emma, and make sure that she has plenty of adventures for him to write about, such as being chased round the pen and getting a good talking to if she doesn’t soon fall into line.


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