Wee ones!






Emma did her stuff a few days ago, a week earlier than himself expected her to. She littered down and had three babies. One unfortunately didnít make it, but the other two were fine. They were two lovely little girls and they have been named Rosemary and Kate. Rosemary is the quiet one and Kate the noisy one, who has had a lot to say for herself since the day she was born.


We all lend a hand baby-sitting when mum goes away to a quiet corner of the pen for a rest. We, groom them, and let them snuggle up to us when on the rare occasions when they get tired of pop corning all over the place.


Himself was hoping for at least one boy that he could put in with the daddy, Mr Bumble, but Emma decided it had to be girls and you canít argue with a guinea pig mum.


Emma and the girls have already been up to the childrenís hospital where they were much admired. The nurses kept picking up the babies, putting them in their tunic pickets and going off to show their friends. Those nurses are obviously ladies of great good taste, in knowing a piece of real class when they see it.


Himself told us that they are staying here with us so we can watch them growing up into beautiful babes like us. He thinks they are going to be big girls and so do we, and so they should be, from the amount of suckling they are getting from Emma and hey, they were both into their dry feed and eating grass when they were only two day old. We donít mean the odd nibble here and there, like most babies; this was full-hearted munching so they are getting a good start in life.


Needless to say, we have lots of visitors coming in to admire these new additions and himself is showing off like mad, as though he was dad. mind, it amuses him and keeps him off street corners.



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