Big Heads!



Oh dear there was nothing we could do with the pair of themafter they had been to the North of England for a book signing session a couple of weeks back. We all knew it would be like that but hey, what to you expect, they are both male and like all of their kind they need the egos massaged now and again or they go into a decline. Wee sows know that we are the superior sex so we donít need it, we looked on tolerantly, as they preened themselves after their brief afternoon of fame.


Himself was delighted because many nice ladies told him how wonderful he was and asked to have their photos taken with him. Blazer loved it because the self same females kept saying that they wanted to take him home with them and snogged him a lot.

We didnít let on that we thought they were a pair of silly little boys, well most of us didnít. However, there was one that kind of brought him back down to earth, it was Ruby.


Later in the evening, while he was sitting sipping from a glass of that amber liquid that makes him grin and jig about to jazz CDs, he scooped Ruby up and plonked her down in his lap. The jazz continued and it was clear that he was feeling very pleased with himself. Without any prior warning, he suddenly felt a very warm wet feeling, Ruby had peed on him! Serves him right for feeding her half a damned cucumber while we all sat looking on, salivating.


When he quickly put Ruby back into the pen, we all gave her a round of applause and greeted her with ĎWell done girl,í Hmm,praised by his own kind in the afternoon, peed on by our kind in the evening, that took him down a peg or two!


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