Itís all been happening.


††††††††† Itís all been happening here, during the last few weeks. Himself had a friend over from the States so we had two great human beings lumbering about the place. At least she didnít call us rude names and pick us up and use us as dummy saxophones.


††††††††† We have had a new lighting system put in, in the shape of some rocks with little lights in them that give the appearance of footlights on a stage. Well, that seems very appropriate for there are some girls in this pen, who shall remain nameless, who are a bunch of screaming drama queens. Others just use the lights as bum warmers, blocking out the light for the rest of us!



††††††††† There is also a little pagoda installed at one end, around which we all like to huddle. Itís kind of cosy and matey and we all sit around there putting the world to rights in the evenings.


††††††††† Talking of huddling, well we have another ten of us to huddle with, a mixture of Peruvians, and coronets. We are pleased to report that none of them have displayed and fancy airs and graces so we have accepted them and they have all settled in very well. Weíre like that, and himself always says, wryly, ĎLook at you, behaving like animalsí when we display this kind of behaviour towards our sister pigs. Well, we wouldnít dream of behaving as badly as many human animals do!



††††††††† Himself has finished one book and has begun work on another. We intend to renegotiate our terms on this one because there are to be many photos of us in it. This means he needs compliant models, if he doesnít up our fees all he will get is piggy bums as we walk off the set each time he tries to get a shot. Alternatively, we could just pull horrible faces are drop pellets all over the set. Well, I ask you, is it right that we get such a lousy percentage!!!!!



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