Old bossy boot has gone.



We are all very sad for old bossy boot Debbie died last recently. She had had a good run for she was nearly six.  She had lived with us for over four years and though she used to throw her weight around, if there were any stroppy boarders who thought they could boss us about, she soon sorted them out. Usually a look was enough, if not then a swift head butt would settle things, always in the bosses favour!


At least she has left lots of off-spring in the shape of baby guineas that then went on to have babes of their own when they were grown up.


The boss wept a bit and then suddenly got very angry. We think it was because that at that particular moment there was one of those ‘kindly’ country folk on the radio boasting about how many foxes they had slaughtered since the hunt ban was put in place. He seems to think that killing beautiful wild animals for fun to be an odd thing for humans’ beings to do, when they claim to be the only animal that can understand the term compassion. Funny, lad, he’s been around long enough by now, and is actually one of them and yet he still hasn’t learned that what they preach is seldom what they practice.  Humans do seem to take a long time to learn what most other animals pick up before they are even fully grown.  Many of us were on the receiving end of human ‘compassion’ when we were left abandoned when our human owner got tired of us so we know all about it.


Olga De Polga is coming round on one of her regular visits next week. She usually stay for a week and is always very well behaved and it is about time some of the regular members of this herd learnt from her example. However, we doubt it but is it any wonder when they have such an example of loutish behaviour in the human we have to live with. The other evening when he was leaning into the pen he let out a great big noise, which obviously came from his rear end. Did we get am apology for this gross breach of decorum? No, just a grin and ‘Enjoy girls, enjoy!’ The man is beyond redemption.


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