Our Christmas Message




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No, don’t mock, if she can have one so can wee because we are all queens.

It has all been happening here. All the babies have been weaned and we have some more lovely baby refugees, Merinos and a Coronet who reminds himself of his favourite boy Doddy, who died a long time ago.


We are of course over overjoyed at the good news for our foxy friends who are soon to escape the murderous intentions of people on horseback. Himself went to visit a refuge for foxes earlier this year and was very smitten by the good work that was going on there.


Next year we are going to be the subjects of himself’s camera lens a lot. We don’t really mind for he always gives us treats after we have posed and it does show that the man has taste, leastways when it comes to appreciating noble beasties such as us. He reckons it is about time the public had access to really good close ups such beautiful creatures as us. I think we are gradually turning him into a halfway decent human animal by allowing him to associate with us.


There have been some more changes to the pen, nothing drastic and it has at least given us a bit more space and we’ll need it over the Christmas holidays for we have lots of boarders coming in. Most of them are regulars so they are old friends, making it like a girl’s night out for the whole of the period.


He is very full of himself in the light of the prospect of the thing on the discovery channel that will be coming out next year of him carrying out veterinary work on some of us. We were all brilliant, of course, but we always are.

Anyway, time to wish all our readers a very happy Christmas.



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