Itís hols time.


We are more crowded at this time of the year for the humans are all on their summer holidays, which means their guineas have to come here for their summer hols too. We donít mind, of course, for most of them are old friends, some were even born here and their mums are still living here.

Emma, who has been away fro a few weeks with a certain Mr Bumble, a very handsome Peruvian lad, has returned. We are pleased to announce that as a result of her stay with the lad we are expecting a happy event in a few weeks time. She is eating and drinking for England and is beginning to bulk out at the sides.It seems ages since we had baby guineas running around and we are all looking forward to it, and some of us are thinking of taking up knitting booties!



Himself, is crossing his fingers that Emma will litter down when he is here so that he can take photographs of her in action. However, we have told her to wait till he is sleep, and try not to grunt too loud when she has her fist contractions or heíll wake up and start flashing that damned camera.

We have all coped very well with the hot weather; with plenty of fans, and all the windows open so we have a nice through draft. Himself was flagging a bit, built for heat, him, prefers the colder weather. Odd bod, really, but does come in handy when it comes to coming up with the fresh grass and greens, topping up the troughs and water bottles, and as a general handyman. We could of course get another one but itís all the time and effort it takes to train a new human. You see, they are not very bright in the brain department and you have to scream at them a lot to get them to respond properly. In short, you simply canít get the staff these days.


His American friend is coming over in the autumn, she is female so is far more sensible and happens to think that we are all very snog-worthy. This means, of course, that we get extra goodies per snog! Roll autumn, say we all.


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