Very sad.


Jenny. R.I.P. L


We are all very sad because one of the most popular piggies in the pen has died. It was Jenny, whose picture is in the gallery on the website under the title of ĎJenny at rest.í


Himself took her to his lady vet but there was nothing that they could do for she had a gut torsion so had to be helped out of this life to save her any more suffering.


We all miss her for she was gentle and a real lady, not like some of the riff raff in this pen who shall remain nameless! Himself has had a long face all week and we can assure everyone that it is worse than the short one he usually has and thatís no great shakes!


We were only just getting over the loss of Bella and Kirsty, who died of old age a couple of weeks ago. Well, if they have gone somewhere else, letís hope they will meet lots of others who have lived here in this pen before us, putting up with his jazz peculiar ways!


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