Sad and happy!


Himself has been very sad because Jake and Jasper, the free rangers died within the space of a couple of months. That is the bad news; the good news is that Jake left something behind him, another Jake, as the result of a liaison with Kate, daughter of our Emma.



Jake the evening before he died


Iggy and baby Jake


He was born just after Christmas and though Kate is pure Peruvian and Jake was a Rex, he had turned out a bi colour smooth coat. As soon as he was weaned he was put our free ranging with big Iggy, which was a great relief for us all. He was a noisy little tyke and when he was only three years old he had already started to take liberties with us ladies. We all told him, ‘no thank you very much, we are not into toy boys,’ but he persisted.


Iggy comes and chats us up and he is, of course big enough to hook his forepaws over the pen. As you can see, wee baby Jake is keen to join him but isn’t big enough yet so just tries to get up on Iggy’s back to get closer to us. We have a feeling that young Jake is going to be a bit of a pain but at least he is out there and can only ogle us.


Himself as warned that at one stage one of us is going to be ‘the chosen one’ when it will be time for Jake to sire another litter, which will continue the noble Paddington line. When that time comes we shall all be keeping a low profile for the lad seems to be a bit too eager and will probably be a ‘wham bang and thank you mam,’ kind of lover! Now his granddad, there was a lad who did know how to put a sparkle in a girl’s eye and a wriggle in her rump! He would always wait until we were ready, in season and raring to go, so to speak.


So there you have it, we are back again after pc problems, and glad to be so. Himself has a new book coming out soon and is working on another one, which will be a corker because it will be a photographic one and we will be the stars, so it is bound to be absolutely gorgeous. 


Big heads? Oh no, we are just taking a leaf out of his book. He hasn’t been the same since he came back from the Doncaster show where he did some books signing and got hugged by lots of lovely ladies. I keep prancing about the place singing ‘I feel pretty,’ not a pretty sight, or sound!



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