They’ll be some changes made.

We all reckon that himself is going through the male menopause, late in life. We have had yet another change to this place. He has bought himself a tiered bunk bed. There is a bunk bed on the top and the bottom is a futon, which acts like a sofa and can be converted to a double bed when required. Perhaps we had better draw a veil over that ‘when required bit. We won’t go there, eh!’


He shut the free rangers, Jasper and Jake into the kitchen when he was constructing it, which was best for them as he would no doubt have stood on them or dropped a hammer on their heads.  The language was somewhat ripe but we are used to that, uncouth lout that he is!


Well, after he had finally managed to put it all together, he let the boys back in. They both rushed in, obviously not pleased about having been shut up for a couple of hours, but they took one look and backed off, P.D.Q.  Typical males, no bottle. They should be used to all these changes by now. However, we have to admit that we all got a bit of a fright the following morning when his voice came from way up high. We thought it was God from on high but as he climbed down the ladder, we saw that it was only a too mortal being. The sight of his bare backside descending that ladder is not the kind of thing you want to see when you are just about to get tucked into you breakfast. Now we know he is up there was all turn our backs or look the other way!


Jasper checking out the new bunk bed


We have now got used to the idea that every so often he will change things, it’s something to do with his genes perhaps or hormones or something. One thing is for sure, there is no way that he will change now, he’s far too long in the tooth. Did you know that in March he will start picking up his old age pension? Now that is really ancient. He reckons he still feels like an eighteen year old. Hmm, he acts more like a six year old most of the time.



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