Iggy’s removal!





Iggy, one of the old boys that Himself retired to our pen has been taken out again. Himself retires elderly boars when he is sure that they are no longer interested in nookie. Well, this time he got it wrong, and Iggy managed to catch Debs, whom we all call Slack Alice on account of her ability to get herself pregnant with and boar that makes a pass at her!


However, instead of telling the lad off, himself is absolutely delighted for there was no doubt that what Debs produced were of Iggy’s making, even though she had been with another likely candidate.  There are three girls and a boy when the boy is weaned he will be going out to join his dad to free range in the living room.


As there is a free ranger in the living room, himself has had to fix a baby gate in the kitchen doorway to keep Jake and McKenzie and Iggy apart. Currently, Hetty is free ranging with Iggy, so the lad has been rewarded for his services in providing some more of his kind and encouraged to produce even more!


Debs and the babies are doing very well and we are all lending a hand nursing the babes.  This will be her third litter and hopefully her last. I mean there are limits!


We were all the subjects of the TV cameras again, this time for the Discovery channel. Needless to say we were absolutely brilliant. The crew said that after spending  the whole day filming us they thought that we all deserved actor Equity tickets.  The programme will be going out early next year, at which time we shall make sure that we all have our pens with us when our fans come around and beg us for our autographs. Himself? Oh he was strutting about showing off as usual. He’ll grow up one day but none of us are holding our breath until he does.


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