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Dear Viewers,


Peter Gurney left us last Saturday 1st July 2006.  We are all deeply saddened by this and he will be missed dearly by everyone.  He was the most genuine person that I personally knew as well as a great friend.  He dedicated his life to his furry friends all around the world and never failed to influence and educate us on the proper care of guinea pigs...even if this meant beating it in our stubborn minds.  


Thanks for always being there when we needed you most - You are and will always remain a true friend Peter!


Andre Hillig - 4th July 2006





(27th May 2009)

Peter’s new and final book ‘Last of Their Kind’ out now!


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Dear Viewers,

You can rest assured that this website and domain will remain as it is.



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(4th April 2006)



The latest appalling piece of research using animals.

(27th February 2006)


This is the latest example of the stupidity and lack of any kind of ethical standard in the minds of scientist who experiment on animals.  They are doing research into developing a pill that will enable women to drink during pregnancy without causing any harm to their babies. Currently they are using mice but it will go on from there of course.


Just think of the kind of mind that came up with this piece of garbage, an educated one, or that is what we are led to believe is. If it is educated then it is not educated in any shape or form that has any place in it for reason and common sense.


As for the women who would use this pill, my contempt for them would be total.

So the next time you hear professor Colin Blakely or one of his kind running off at the mouth at people protesting against animal experimentation think this, just one of the useless kind of research programme that inflict pain and suffering upon animals.


Peter Gurney


The RCVS sinks to a new low!

Go to the Vet Watch section to read it!

(5th February 2006)



Merry Christmas from the mob and its obedient servant!



Another killer on TV for the entertainment of morons and kiddies.

(23rd December 2005)


Another one of the brainless celebrity chefs, Gordon Ramsey, has followed the example of the nasty Jamie Oliver. He slaughtered some Turkeys for the entertainment of his children and did it on TV. One of the children said this to one of the turkeys before it was killed, ‘See you in the oven.’ This blatant indifference to  the fate of a living breathing creature by a child is an indictment of the very sick society that we now live in.


These people are without any kind of compassion or moral standards, they will do anything to up the viewing rating to their boring programmes.


The level of cruelty to animals has been increasing by fast amounts and it it is because of what is shown of TV as entertainment that this is so.

How sick can you get, about as sick as Oliver and Ramsey, they are both despicable human beings.



How low can this man and the BBC sink?

(26th November 2005)


I do not own a TV but am aware of what is on it in the guise of entertainment. A few day ago, that grubby, grinning, gormless little man, Jamie Oliver, slit a lamb’s throat for the ‘entertainment’ of his viewers. That the BBC allowed this to go ahead, shows just how low this once decent broadcasting organization has sunk.

The eagerness of thugs to ape what they see on TV means, without the slightest doubt that more animals will be tortured after this display of utter stupidity.

One day Oliver will engage that tiny thing that keeps his ears apart before he behaves in his usual irresponsible manner. I have informed Sainsbury that I will not step into one of their shops for as long as Oliver is being paid to advertise their goods.

I do hope people will write and express their disgust at this appalling incident.





(31st October 2005)


The piggy. It’s lucky, Janet's pig. He can't really play but reckons if he walks around with a pair of bongos he can pull the birds!





New Post in the Vetwatch Section – Click Here

(25th October 2005)



The barbarians of Reunion.

(21st October 2005)


While I disapprove of the way the RSPC is run, when it does do something right I will give it my one hundred percent support.

It has certainly done something right in bringing to the attention of the world the barbaric behavior of the fishermen of the Island of Reunion in the Indian ocean which is a protectorate of France.


This human filth is using live cats and dogs as bait. They simply tie their legs together then put a hooks through their nosed and throw them into the sea, live and obviously in agony, to hook sharks on the end of a fishing line.


I don’t want to hear any damned nonsense about this low life carrying on their native fishing traditions, this is something they have decided to do recently.

I urge everyone to sing the RSPCA petition on their site and contact the French embassy and insist they do something stop this scum from torturing and killing living breathing creatures in this appalling manner.


I feel dirty, degraded, to think that I am of the same species as these barbarian fishermen.

Peter Gurney        610.05




(28th September 2005)


They punched his head and when he fell they kicked and kicked again.

They filmed this with their mobiles phones, yes they had been prepared.

They loved the sight of all that blood and all his cries of pain,

And they behaved like animals, that’s what the judge declared.


They stamped upon his legs and jeered each time he begged ‘no more,’

Then took a really close up shot and grinned or simply stood and stared.

They thought themselves as macho boys that others would adore,

And they behave liked animals, that’s what the judge declared.


The judge he was a hunting man who thought the chase was grand

He also loved to shoot game birds and called this jolly sport,

And those who thought this that was wrong he hounded from his land,

And he behaved like human kind with many brain cells short.


Peter Gurney



View from the Pen. Click Here

(6th September 2005)


We Are Back!!

4th September 2005


          I regret closing the message board but until there is some kind of regulation to stop people like the moron who was posting porn addresses on the board, to which children visit, it will have to remain closed. I get incandescent with rage when the self same people want their freedoms but abuse other’s freedoms like websites such as mine.


          The news is that the cancer I had has now spread to my liver but I am now undergoing chemo therapy which I am coping with very well, and that’s enough of my boring medical condition.




As you can see the adorable Iggy is still alive and kicking at the grand old age of eight. He is blind in one eye and a not as agile as he was but he is still very much a going concern. I think I can safely say that guinea pig snouts like that go it simply does not get any better. There will be lots of tears she when he does decide to go but he will have earned them all for all the joy he has brought into my life.


          The news that at long last the barbarians in red coats have had their disgusting activities curbed is good news so how about the authorities dealing with an even greater obscenity, factory farming.


          I am still working with my wonderful Vet Anne. It is amazing how many people I have sent to her with guinea pigs that needed her expertise who now take their cat and dogs to her. They only have to meet her once to know that she is not the average vet, looking over her shoulder at the clock and working out how much they can charge.  We are finding out that all the vets that in the group that she works for have very much the same attitude, such a very refreshing thing to find. She has already taught one of the other young vets how to trim teeth without anaesthetics.


          I advise every one to check out the Vet MSRA site, which has got that sick joke, the RCVS, very worried by high lighting the real state of veterinary care and the lack of proper regulation to control it’s activities. They are worried not that they are not providing a lousy service but that they have been discovered so doing, integrity is a word it does not know the meaning of.

All for now. The girls in the main pen will be back shortly.





(4th September 2005)


Animal Testing.


            So five hundred scientists have signed a document supporting animal testing. Well we all know how reliable and trustworthy these many lettered people are from the way the veterinary profession is run. Even more worrying is the totally biased reporting of this issue of the media, particularly the BBC. Not once have I heard an interviewer bring of the subject of Thalidomide and the many other drugs that have proved dangerous after being tested on animals. Neither have I heard any interviews with people like the Doctor Hadwen Trust  which promotes none animal testing.

            When people tell me that I have benefited from animal testing with my own medical problems I always point out to them that if they had not gone on this line of research years ago I probably have not got the problems in the first place for more advances would have been made.

            Animal testing is wrong, and the last people to tell me that I am wrong are bunch of scientists who have a long way to go before I am convinced that they are interested in anything other than their own careers or their bank balances and their massive egos.




The Doncaster show.

(February 2005)


            Sorry about that folks, but we live in a country that invented railways but now is totally incapable of running them.

            Needless to say I had booked my tickets two weeks earlier, there had been no emergency, and they had my phone number to let me know that they were going to cancel all trains to Doncaster.  I was simply told that these were just planned rail track works.


The icing on the cake came when I went back to the rail booking agency where I was told to fill in a form which had to go to head office where a decision would be made as to whether I was entitled to a refund, if you please.  Through this whole affair, not one member of staff of the rail company, the station or the agency used that word SORRY.

So folks, use public transport; what public transport!


I really enjoy meeting old friends and making new ones but because of the incompetence of that sick joke, the railways companies, I missed out this year.





Sainsbury’s appalling entry into the game market.

Sainsbury is now giving away booklets called ‘Game to Eat.’ Which have been produced by the Countryside Alliance.

I have always shopped at this store; it is close by and a handy place to get my greens for my guinea pigs and all my regular shopping. As of today I shall cease shopping at this store which, as far as I am concerned, is supporting a political lobbying group.


We all know what the Countryside Alliance is all about, and it isn’t about caring for animals. It is about supporting the barbaric practice of country sports, which is nothing other than cruelty to other living creatures.

These game bird are now also being battery bred and it is from this source that Sainsbury will obtain its stock.


This store obviously will stoop to any level to sell their goods and I urge all that visit my website to follow my example and cease to shop at Sainsbury.




(Christmas 2004)




(25th October 2004)


The A to Z of Guinea Pigs

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(12th August 2004)


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(10th July 2004)


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(30th June 2004)





A friend sent me an e mail with the website upon which these retched animals were being advertised. Right, we know that there is nothing we can do to stop people breeding these animals, the result of human beings who think that they can do better than Mother Nature, and none of the animal welfare organisations seem to want to get involved, but we can do something.


What we have to do is protest to and any other organization, which advertises them, and spread the word to friends not to buy from these websites. So let’s get together on this one and prove that we are real animal lovers and let everyone know how we feel about this kind of breeding. – Peter 8th July 2004




The End of Guineas at GOSH

(24th March 2004)


Because of the creeping cancer of government control freaks, I regret to say that I have, after fourteen years, had to stop the visits to Great Ormond Street Children’s hospital.


Needless to say, am deeply saddened and I shall miss the children very much indeed, after so many happy years of visiting them, but I was given no option for to conform to what was required of me would be to agree with the appalling way this government is legislating every aspect of our lives.


I shall now concentrate on visiting schools, children’s libraries, and hopefully old people’s homes. If anyone knows of any of these places that needs a visit and a chat with myself and my guineas do contact the website.


VETWATCH UPDATE (24th March 2004)

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(9th February 2004)




Due to ISP restrictions this site has not been updated since October 2003.  The problems have finally been resolved and normal service will resume shortly.


Thank you for your patience!

(7th Feb 2004)




(1st October 2003)




The ‘Royal’ in the R.S.P.C.A.


In the light of the continued cruel behaviour on that nasty old woman, who this week-end, battered a pheasant to death, which either one of her family or one of her friends had shot, for no other reason that then their perverted pleasure, why is she still the patron of this organization.

It is a sick joke that this woman’s name is in anyway connected with a so-called animal welfare organization. This woman and her family are one not only one hundred percent supportive of all forms of cruelty to wild animal, which come under the sick heading of field sport, they engage in it. Yet this organization claim to oppose the antic of these sad, sick people.


Once again, I urge people not to donate to this organization that, as far as I am concerned, is in breach of it’s charter for not tacking this appalling family to task for it cruelty to animals.


P. Gurney       26 Jan 2004



The R S P C A is at it again!


A lady recently went to an R.S.P.C.A. establishment, which seeks homes for rescued animals. One of her three year old sows had died and she wanted another companion, naturally enough, another sow, for it.

Wait for it! The place she went to had two sows, that would have fitted the bill but they refused to let her have one on the grounds that ‘You can’t get two female guinea pigs to live together.’


This organization, which I continue to urge animal lovers not to support, should spend less on fancy uniforms, publicity, and tugging their forelocks to the R.C.V.S. and spend more in training their staff in the very basics of animal welfare and particularly about the needs of small animals.

Mind you this is an organization that has only just woken up to the fact that it can be lethal to guinea pig health to house them with rabbits, so what can we expect.


P. Gurney        23.9.03




(18th August 2003)


(1st July 2003)

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(28th June 2003)

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(26th June 2003)


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CAN YOU HELP?  Guinea Pigs need Re-homing

30th January 2003

Christine and Tracey, who took in all those Piggies from the RSPCA about eighteen months back have a lot more for re-homing. There are even neutered boars so they will be fine to be taken in by people with sow only requirements. These ladies are simply sweethearts for their care of unwanted animals, so let’s all support them and help find homes for, from the sounds of it some lovely wee beasties.


Christine is on 0208 274 0034 and Tracey on 0208 658 5452.


Many thanks!   Peter



Message from Peter (18th Feb 2003): 

Vedra is no longer on the old number.  The CCT can now only be reached by Text on: 07721 026401


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