Debs is a mum again!



Himself was a very happy bunny when Debs decided to litter down just after breakfast. This meant that he could photograph her doing her stuff. She took about a quarter of an hour to do the business, and of course, unlike the human animals, didnít have to have pre natal instructions, breathing exercises and all the rest of the long-winded routine that the humans seem to think is necessary. Mind you she had done it before, and the way she performed was proof enough that she hadnít forgotten a thing!


Not for the first time, Himself got it wrong, telling everyone that she had given birth to two boys and a girl. A week later he looked again and got it right; there were two girls and a boy. He named the one whose sex he got wrong, Rosalind, the other girl, Daisy and the little lad, Georgie!

Needless to say, the babes have been leaping about all over the place and Georgie has already tried out his sexual prowess on several of us and got a good head butting for his pains!


The sad news is that little old lady, Tess died at the good age of six and a bit. Himself knew that she was on her way out and, as he does with all those that he knows are leaving, took her out each evening for extra tit bits until they go of their food. Tess, kept her appetite right to the last, and got through a tidy bit of lettuce on her last night. She died during the night and though himself was sad at losing her, he was pleased, as we all were, that her passing was easy for her.


What was special about Tess was that she had a big fan at GOSH, a young lad by the name of Steve. Himself used to leave her with Steve while he took the other visiting guineas round the rest of the wards in the block that Steve was in, then pick her up later.Tess used to tell us all about it and said that she enjoyed all the cuddles she used to get from Steve very much.




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