Egg on his face, yet again!


Hee, hee, hee, himself has egg all over his face after promising his American lady friend that young Debs, in one of the pens above us, was going to litter down for her when she came over for a couple of weeks.


He was sure, he assured her, but Debs has kept her legs crossed and is still doing so, and as we know that he wants to take pics of her doing the business for his next book we have all urged her to wait till he has gone out. If she feels the urge to do it at night when he is asleep we have told her to try and keep the contractions grunting to a minimum so that heíll miss it all!


Itís not the first time he has got it wrong and it wonít be the last, if we have our way. I mean, if we got a percentage on the pics he took, it may be another matter but we get zilch, and sometimes we donít even get a credit mention for our work!


We thought that at least we would get a rest from his jazz, but the lady herself is into jazz as well so we ended up getting even more. However, we did get lots of extra snogs, and whatís more, we even got paid for them by being given what she said was Guinea pig candy each morning, a nice nibble of banana. It was nice to have a woman about the place for a change as it seemed to curb his more gross behaviour but he is back to his usual low standard now that she has returned to the States. Does he honestly believe that we get a kick from seeing him dancing about in the nude, before and after, he has had a bath, humming, very badly, the Stripper, usually out of tune and off key! Does he think the flat is enhanced by his clothes lying about and unwashed cups standing on the shelves?


Oh well, we have put up with him and his uncouth behaviour for so long I guess we will have to bare with it. The manís a bum, a lout, a layabout, a disaster area, and he is far too long in the tooth to be changed now, silly old goat!


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