The RCVS sinks to a new low.


The RCVS is now launched an all out attack upon the organization that has done more to improve the veterinary care and husbandry of small animals in the eighteen yearssince it was founded that the veterinary profession has done since it was founded.Vedra Stanley Spatcher has done this in the teeth of vicious and persistent opposition of the RCVS, which has done all that it can to stop her work.


The reason is of course because this wonderful State registered charity is showing this RCVS for what it is, a vetís protection organization and nothing else. Well, I think they may come a cropper on this one by their plan to involve the trading standards. I made a compliant to the trading standards organization some time ago about yet one more incompetent vet and I was informed that it has no power whatsoever to get involved in matters veterinary. Right, if they take up this case then I want to know why the change of policy.


The RCVS is totally without principle or ethical standards and its only purpose is to protect the monopoly that it has over veterinary care this country. The pain and suffering that so many of its members have inflicted upon animals and gross over charging of their owners is a national disgrace.


I am appealing to all friends of mine and readers of my books to combine and make a joint effort to put an end to this appalling organizationís vindictiveness towards anyone who dares to express an opinion on matter veterinary that has not got the letters RCVS after their names. It is because of the totally closed minds of these people that they stay way behind anyone who has been trained at the CCT when it come to the diagnosis and treatment of small animals.


There are a few open minded vets, I happen to have one, but she is as rare as henís teeth.Itís time the RCVS was made to make and effort to behave in a responsible manner so lets all combine, get in touch with our MPs and put and end to the suffering and the rip off charging of this profession is guilty of.


P. Gurney††† Feb 2006





If anything they are getting worse.

††††††††† These are the thoughts of a vet, a so called expert in guinea pig care, that she passed onto other vets in a lecture.

It is against the law to trim guinea pigs teeth without anaesthetics. Hmm, well, I know at least ten who do it very successfully and I have been doing it with my own guinea pigs for eighteen years now. No of course they didnít learn this excellent, and far more effective and safe technique from any veterinary college. They are that rarity, an open minded vet who asked people trained by the CCT how it was done.

††††††††††† The lower jaw movement of a guinea pig is backwards and forwards not side to side. Oh dear, I have got it wrong all these years for after I have trimmed teeth the number one sign that things are back to rights isthe side to side movement that they have been used to for the past million and god knows how many years. Remember folks, this is a vet who has spent five years at a veterinary college who doesnít even know the correct jaw movements of a guinea pig.

All disease in guineas stems from either a lack of vitamin c or stress. Oh dear oh dear, the same old story but it is fiction dear readers, a utter fiction.

If a guinea pig is fed on Gerty guinea pig it doesnít need vegetable matter because there is sufficient vitamin C in Gerty. I wouldnít dream of feeding any of my guinea pigs that over hyped and expensive food and though the one I use has vitamin C in it, this is not sufficient for the needs of a guinea pig.

Am I surprised at the poverty of mind of this vet, this expert on guinea pigs, not at all, only if she had got anything right would my jaw have dropped open in amazement.

Oh, and just for the record, if any vets get up on their high horse and tells you that it is against the law to diagnose and treat your own animals, tell them to take a hike then give their name to Johnson and Johnson or Bob Martins, who have millions of pounds invested into medicine that are aimed at the DIY owners. Or perhaps the owners should be reported to the RCVS for breaking the law!!!!!!!

Time and time again I get one of these airheads standing up on their hind legs and telling me that only a vet can diagnose and treat animals. Only the veterinary profession could produce cretins like this who seem to think

that they have the exclusive right to knowledge. When it comes to guinea pigs, thank goodness we have all learnt the hard lesson of risking the average vet to get their incompetent hands on our animals.

As I have said before, I have a brilliant vet who respect my opinions as much as I respect hers but sadly, in the main, vets in general are the most arrogant, closed minded group of peopleI have ever come across in my life.

Peter Gurney 8.10.05





How dare I have an opinion!

Oh dear, oh dear, I do seem to have a rattled a few veterinary cages with a letter that I wrote in response to one by a vet in the Veterinary Times. It was probably the longest whinge I have ever read so I felt I had to respond.


One vet wrote to me, and as per usual, did not address a single issue I raised took the attitude of ĎHow dare I have an opinion, and whatís more, express it in the Veterinary Times.í I pointed out that at least the Veterinary Times was grown up enough to allow freedom of speech.


They really must†† learn to take genuine criticism and not throw their rattles out of the pram when anyone who does not share the view of the forelock tugging TV vet programmes. I have to deal with their mistakes on a daily basis and until that joke ĎThe Royal College of Veterinaryí Surgeons, getís it acts together a starts properly regulating its members, the suffering of many animals and rip off of their owners will continue.


Peter Gurney††† 20th March, 2004





Met the vet is at it again.


This so called qualified vet, who has publicly stated that the correct treatment for pre molar and molar problems in piggies is euthanasia, apparently doesnít know how to cure the scabs around the lips of guinea pigs that are usually caused by eating acidic food. We, by that I mean anyone who is properly trained in the veterinary care of guinea pigs by the CCT (The Cambridge Cavy Trust), have been curing this very common problem for years.


I believe the Trust uses several different medications but I stick to the old fashioned, tried and tested, Gentian Violet. I have never failed to cure the problem with this and there has never been any cancer cases resulting from it, despite the claim made by the many regulatory authorities that gentian violet is carcinogenic.


I have come to the conclusion that when the regulatory authorities claim a medicine has dangerous side effects, which has proven safe and effective for years and years, what it is really saying is that it is not a prescription medicine so the profession does not have control over it, ipsofacto it is no good. Hey, we canít have the monopoly of the R.C.V.S. (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) broken for the sake of the health of guinea pigs!


There should be a health warning on Met the vetís surgery door for she is lethal to guinea pigs. Trouble is she wonít come out and prove her case and the editor of Cavies continues to print her dangerously misleading advice. Avoid this woman at all costs if you care for the lives of your guineas.


For correct treatment of mouth scabs check out my health section on the Winking cavy store site or on mine as soon as it is up and running.


Peter Gurney††† 2nd July, 2002



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