Let me make it clear from the start that this Vetwatch section is not anti vet but it is anti incompetent and exploitative vets and there are far too many of them around. It is also virulently opposed to the self regulation by the vet’s ‘trade union,’ the Royal College of veterinary surgeons and it’s totally inadequate complaints system. Time and time again this organization has proved that when a complaint is made against a vet, it immediately engages the vet protection mode when its first priority should be towards those who pay their wages, the owner.

    I am fortunate enough to have a vet who is competent, compassionate and in whom I have complete trust. Trust that he is qualified to treat my animals and those of owners I send to him, trust that he will not carry out unnecessary surgery, and trust that he will not charge the kind of outrageous fees for drugs and services that far too many vets charge.

    Why is it necessary for this site and what is its objectives? The site is here because the politicians and authorities have consistently refused to take the concerns of myself and very many other small animal owners seriously. I suspect that, in essence it is a matter of the usual ‘oh they are only guinea pigs’ syndrome. They hand out awards to those who torture them in the name of medical advance but in this so called animal loving country the concerns of those who care for these adorable creatures are not given and consideration whatsoever.

    The objectives of this sight it to put an end to the exploitation of small animal owners and try expose vet’s who are guilty of it and harm our animals by their incompetence. I used to hope that we could have some effect upon the politicians who are supposed to be responsible but I long ago gave up having any faith in politicians, whom I now regard as devious, self seeking and totally untrustworthy. Therefore I think we must play them at their own game and go along the routes that will hurt them if they do not act. The route in this case is not compassion for animals of course, but consumer interest for this makes far better headlines than the retched fate of mistreated small animals. Our demands are that the Veterinary regulatory authorities should do to things. Firstly come UP, repeat, Up to the standard of regulation that governs Joe or Jill Blogs who repairs our cars or household appliances and secondly to drastically improve the standard of training of vets in British veterinary colleges in small animal medicine.



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