For general health enquiries, please visit the Health Pages hosted at the ‘Winking Cavy Store’ first.




If you have an emergency then I would advice that you please visit a reliable Vet immediately.



For any other questions, you may email me at:



If you have a vet to recommend or are distressed about one, please visit the Vetwatch section first.



Recommended Treatment Products for Guinea Pigs


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Follicel (4th August, 2002)


Manuka Honey (25th February 2003)





 I have not, and never will accept any kind of financial reward or favour for any product I recommend on this site.


I want it clearly understood that the bottom line is always the veterinary care of the animals we all love, not the health of my bank balance





If it is necessary to have a Vetwatch section it stands to reason that it is also necessary to have a Vetcare site, which enables owners to avoid having to run the risk of taking their guinea pigs to a vet until they have found one who is reliable.


I shall be inviting owners who know of these vets to let me know about them so that I can register them. I won’t put their names on the site for fear of embarrassing these good vets and inviting hassle from the R.C.V.S., which seems to have problems with the concept of consumer choice. People can contact me and I will put them in touch with decent vets in their area.


Needless to say I hope people will contact me also about incompetent or unethical vets and I shall make a list of them and owners can contact me and find out if a vet they are contemplating taking their guinea pig to is on the ban list.


What is all amounts to is that because the profession seems to think it is immune to the pressure of consumer choice it blandly says that all vets that have the letters M. R.C.V.S. can be trusted to give an equal standard of service. This is patently nonsense, any more than you can say that all car or household appliance repairers give and equal standard of practice. If the profession will not regulate itself and the politicians refuse to get involved then we will do it ourselves.


I shall be putting items on this site concerning veterinary care and medicines that I or other owners have found to be safe and effective.




If I am good, then the only reason is that I listened to other people’s ideas so if anyone out there has them let me know. Also if there is something I do which you think can be done better or is not right, let me know about it. This, along with any ideas you have will then go on the Vetcare board so that we call benefit from them.


There will be no message board for in my experience, these always lead to tears but there will be a contact section for your suggestions about vet care and vet abuse.