Manuka Honey


At long last we have something that, if the drug companies and the veterinary profession could do it, would make it a P.O.M.


After reading much about Manuka honey and reports from other animal owners, and now experience of using it myself, I am going to strongly recommend it. It is particularly effective to Staphylococcal infections. These are very common in wounds, such as cuts, and abrasions. You simply pack the wound with the honey and it is very rare that it does not clear the infection up.


This honey is also very effective in those abscesses that do not clear up after just lancing and flushing out with hydrogen peroxide. After the cavity has been flushed out a couple of times, pack it with Manuka.


I have had one report of a breeder using it on a case of bumble foot, where the scab came away and the foot became infected, but it soon responded to Manuka honey. I am not saying it will cure bumble foot, but that it will tackle Staph infections that can result form it!


A 375g jar costs about twelve pounds, about the average cost of a course of antibiotics for one case. This jar will treat hundreds of cases and has a shelf life about five years! Smaller size jars are available but always go for the one that have ACTIVE UMF 10+ on the label.

Most health food shops sell this.



These are sample pictures only.  There are many different brands.


I would appreciate any feed-back that owners can give me if they follow my advice.



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