Once again I have found the effectiveness of the product Follicel for the treatment of parasitic skin conditions in a guinea where even Ivomectin failed.  This product is made from fruit extract and has the added attraction of being anti fungal.


            As you know, I not only use conventional medicines, I also recommend their use on guineas. However, where ever possible I prefer to use alternatives, this is not only because I have tried and tested them myself but because of the appalling veterinary medicines act, which effectively has denied us access to so many of them by making them prescription only.


            Follicel is one of the best alternative anti parasitic treatments available and is very easy to use. Spray, then repeat seven days later, leave for a day, then shampoo.

            In the light of the next move by nanny state to interfere in our legal right to diagnose and treat our own animals, something that most of us are for better at than vets, we must to do all that we can to encourage manufacturers of products such as Follicel by using their products.


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