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Debbie's Pigs (19th July 2002)

benny   Ollie

"See you soon Uncle Peter. Love Ollie and Ben"

Nicky's Munchkin (23rd July 2002)


"Munchkin is my eldest guinea pig, and will be celebrating his 4th birthday on 1 August. He is the celebrity of our house (he demanded his dinner on the radio, and his picture has been on our local TV station), and he's boss-pig to 7 others, Dougal who lives with Clyde Jnr, Rusty, Zebedee and his two sons Jasper and Brian,  and Brewster Jnr takes that role very seriously, and is very bossy - and soon complains if his dinner isn't in his food bowl on time."

Jenny's Sweety (3rd August 2002)


"Hi Peter 
I have been a great fan of yours ever since I read your book 'The Proper Care of Guinea Pigs' a few years ago and found out that gps didn't have to be anaesthetized to have their back teeth cut. My spoilt boy Sweety has to have his teeth cut every 6 - 8 weeks, as they arch over his tongue. Thanks to you, I contacted the CCT, spoke to Vedra, and we regularly visit a lovely vet here in the West Midlands, who has been trained by her to cut gp teeth properly. Sweety is 5 years 3 months old and lives in the lounge. He comes out to play every evening when I get home from work and has his own corner with a little bed, his soft toys and fleecy blankets. I put a tea towel down near him a couple of days ago and when I looked at him a few minutes later, found him 'in bed' - he had wrapped himself up all on his own!!
Your new site is superb and the pigtures of your pigs are wonderful - I would willingly kidnap Jake and Jasper - they are so cuddly and appealing!"

Kind regards from Jenny and Sweety

Kerry's Bobo (4th August 2002)


"A picture of our late great Bobo, who was a real clown piggy. His party piece was to bound up and down the stairs, streaking around like a little ginger flash."

--- Kerry Wedge

Marianne's Pigs (29th August 2002)

Whitesocks  3kleursmall  Albino    

   cavia  tesselbaby

"Whitesocks is tessel baby from Marianne from Holland, this piggie died at the age of 3 weeks, helas!  
The other picture : my syringe fed agouti and white tessel baby.
Baby albino tessel Cremmie, the only self coated creme sow I have, won several prices at shows, never been bred with, now 6 years old, she is my favourite!
Tessel mom with her two babies, one white with red eyes and one red with one little spot on the head.
I don't know if you remember me, I have linked you on my home page about my pets :
If you see better pictures there on the piggies page or on the update page, please copy them.
Many greetings to all guinea pig lovers."

--- Marianne (from Holland).

Karen's Maggie and Lucy (30th August 2002)

Maggie  Lucy

"These are my two guinea pigs Maggie and Lucy.  Maggie is the black and tan one and she is very gentle and kind.  Lucy is the complete opposite.  She won't do anything she doesn't want to do!  Although Maggie keeps her in line."  

--- Karen Robertson

Karen's and Daren's Angus (5th September 2002)


"Please post our picture of Angus on the website. 
Angus was a large, docile, 2 year old Texel, who we returned home yesterday to find had just died.  He had a short but happy life with his sister (Millie) and two daugthers (Tiggy and Boo) and will be sadly missed..."
--- Karen and Daren.

Tammy Raabe Rao's "The Madness" (7th September 2002)

The Madness

"The Madness, L-R: Viola, Portia, Bianca, Pandora, Olivia and Cordelia.
Bianca, Pandora and Olivia had their summer cuts earlier, so their hair is growing back and they look all poofy!"

 --- Tammy/CavyMadness, Boston MA USA

Dougy's Rachel and Lucy (9th September 2002)

Rachel Eating!  Lucy Eating  Lucy and Rachel

Here are our new baby Guinea Pigs, Rachel, (the grey one) and Lucy, (the black one).  They are eight weeks old and we have only had them for two weeks.  They are our very first guinea Pigs and are so lovable and adorable.  They actually are my daughters but we all love playing with them."

--- Dougy